Pricing Policies

Thinking about paying for a limousine or party bus can be intimidating, but at Baltimore Limo, it won’t be that bad! We know that our company cannot survive without customers like you, so we offer the lowest prices possible for our vehicles. The price you pay is necessary to keep our vehicles in excellent condition, keep them fueled and clean, and provide you with superior service. We are confident that our limousine and party bus service is the best value in the area, and you will be very pleased.

In order to provide you with the best price estimate for your event, we will need some information. Give us a call or email us to get started. We’ll ask what day would work best for you, what your event is, how many passengers you need to accommodate, and where you plan on going. We will use this information to help you choose the vehicle and service that is best for you and your budget!

If the total is too high for you even with our low rates, consider dividing it up among your passengers. You will come up with a cost per person that is reasonable for everybody, especially for a special occasion. The piece of mind that everyone will get from knowing that you have a professional driver to get you around without incident will definitely outweigh the money! You might also want to keep in mind that pricing varies depending on peak days and seasons. Our prices increase with demand. If you are looking for the lowest price possible, consider booking on a weekday and avoid major holidays, wedding season, and prom season. If we aren't what you're looking for check out for a more complete USA pricing guide. For just Florida see Boca Raton Party Bus Prices.

When we quote you a price for our service, it is final. You won’t be caught off guard by any hidden fees or taxes. Everything is either included in the price, or you will be told about it before you reserve the vehicle. We want you to have a wonderful time, and we will not try to trick you out of money. Your satisfaction is important to us! Contact us today to get a quote, or if you are ready, reserve a vehicle today!

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